There is a lot to love about being in a band. But behind each song written, each show played, each Spotify stream, and each cup of coffee or mexican dinner (the true foundation of our bandship) we share- there is a group of people that supports us every step of the way. If you’ve made it this far, its safe to say you are one of the incredible humans that make up that group and we are inviting you to join us on this wild ride of band life!

By signing up for our secret society you will immediately be added to our “Close Friends” list on Instagram and will be apart of regular email updates both of which will make you the first to see new music, video content, show updates, and will give an exclusive look at the inter-workings of Cavern Company. We want to stay in close touch with you and bring you in on processes such as deciding which band tee design we should put out next or which tracks deserve an acoustic version. There will also be exclusive discounts for merch on our web-store debuting this summer and maybe even some freebies. We love you and our goal is to keep the line of communication wide open. We value your input and support and ultimately, we cannot do any of this without your help. Sooo, do the thing below and we will make the things happen. LETS GO!

* W A R N I N G *

Prepare yourself to see the unedited, uncut, and unprofessional side of us. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a candid Cavern Company behind closed doors. Also, remember… this society is a secret. You can invite people, but only those who enter get to know what we will know.




Who knows? Maybe we will even make a secret hand shake.

Much love,

Joshua, Kole, & Zach

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